Ein Klassiker der prä-astronautischen Literatur von W. Raymond Drake.

Subtitle: New evidence on the unexplainend mysteries of civilisation in the ancient East.

  • Autor: Walter Raymond Drake
  • 1968 in Großbritannien erstmals veröffentlicht
  • Reprinted 1973, Sphere Books Limited, London

Aus dem Klappentext:

In many part of the world literature and legend preserve the tradition that supermen from the stars ruled and guided mankind in the distant past. This tradition tells of war waged in the skies with fantastic weapons, of cataclysmic upheavals leading to barbarism, and of a slow return to civilisation under the aegis of spacemen worshipped as gods.

Such are the author’s startling conclusions based on research in the ancient East that has led him from the hanging gardens of Queen Semiramis at Babylon to the temple mysteries of Tibet.

Originally published under the title ‚Spacemen in the Ancient East‘


  1. The inhabited Universe
  2. The Search for extra-terrestrials
  3. Space Gods of Ancient India
  4. Space Heroes of Old India
  5. Space Stories in Sanskrit
  6. Spacemen in Old Tibet
  7. Spacemen in Old China
  8. Spacemen in Old Japan
  9. Space Kings in Ancient Egypt
  10. Space Gods of Ancient Egypt
  11. Pyramid and Sphinx
  12. Exodus
  13. Space Kings of Babylon
  14. Space Gods of Babylon
  15. Spacemen in Biblical Babylon
  16. Gods or Spacemen?